All You Need to Know About Stand Up Pouches!

When it comes to selling the product, the game lies between the customer and the packaging.

Sure, the features of the products count but only after the packaging is enough to hook the attention of the customer.

And believe me you, the products with the bad packaging never do well in the market.

Even if they are the best products out there, the boring and dull packaging repels the customers away from them.

You don’t want that for you product, do you?

Then you need to put some thought into it.

Speaking of thoughts, here is one. How about using Print a Pouch stand up pouches for your product?

Why Use Stand Up Pouches?

Many times also referred to as the “flexible packaging”, stand up pouches have something to offer to both the manufacturers and the consumers.

For the manufacturers, they can have the thin flexible films come in rolls and can be modified from the scratch or they could be brought in pre-made and then there are some features that could be changed according to the requirement.

Then there is the high class gloss finish that has no match.

Plus the space that the manufacturers can save is uncanny.

To sum it up, with all the above mentioned features along with the flexibility, re-sealable zip locks and the euro cut, there is no reason left to not use stand up pouches for liquid or dry products of yours.

Not only can you make it easier to store but also improve the life of the product.

Stand up pouches usually have many layers that include nylon, foil, etc.

It makes them ideal for products for which you wish to save from the oxygen, moisture.

It helps keep the freshness, flavor as well as the nutrition locked inside the products for real time.

As for the consumer, they get what they look for everywhere, convenience.

Whether it is the tear notch stand up pouch or the one with the zipper, it saves the consumers a lot of effort.

Plus it improves the shelf-life of the product and the consumer gets to finish the product instead of throwing it out because it went bad.

Then there is the space again, it works for both ends. Consumer gets to have extra space in their shelves for other things.

Especially due to the flexibility of the pouches they are much easier to store than the alternatives.

Designs of Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches stand erect and with pride on the shelf, which actually appeals to the customers.

But there are styles and design available for the stand up pouches from which you can decide which works the best for you.

Round Bottom Gusset

Round Bottom Gusset

This is a much common style of stand up pouches.

The gusset is stiff and padded that gives strength to the walls of the packaging.

K-Seal Gusset

K-Seal Gusset

This is used for volume purposes.

Due to the rise of seals on 30 degrees rise from the bag, extra space is created.

Pillow Bottom Gusset

The product sits directly on the shelf in this style.

This is deal for products with weight more than 5 pounds.

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