Day 35: Maggy Whitehouse

November 4, 2009 at 12:01 am, Category: Featured, Inspiration

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“I think all the Law of Attraction teachings which are so, so helpful nowadays are talking about the idea that it’s the road that you have to make peace with, not the destination.  If you’re happy on the road, the destination being happy is a done deal.”


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Toni Reece: Maggy, thank you so much for joining us today, and before we go into the questions, can you please introduce yourself?

Maggy Whitehouse: I’d be delighted, Toni, thank you so much.  I’m Maggy Whitehouse from Birmingham, England, and I’m the author of 15 books on aspects of spirituality and prosperity.  I’m a Kabbalist, not with a Kabbalah center, I’m a priest in an independent sacramental church.  I’ve been a TV and radio presenter, I’ve been widowed, I’ve been divorced, I survived an encounter with an 8-foot barracuda which didn’t have my best interests at heart.

I was the first person ever legally to take a dog from the USA to the UK without quarantine, even though apparently it wasn’t actually possible at the time, and my job is to help people understand the difference between ego, self, and soul because they are very different levels of the psyche and they feel very different, so it’s quite easy once you know the techniques.  And my main focus is on helping people overcome damage caused by what I call tribal religions, specifically in the areas of abundance and money.

Toni: My goodness!  Well, having said all of that, that is really interesting.  Let’s go into the very first question, Maggy.  In all of this work that you do and everything that you’ve been through, who do you inspire and how do you do that?

Maggy: Well, you know, I think the first thing I need to do every day is inspire me, because we all teach what we most need to learn and I really, really needed to know about opening up faith and belief and aspects of spirituality and money.  I started all this work as a newly widowed crisis addict.  I used to be in TV and radio and do journalism, and I was always at murder trials or war scenes or accident scenes, so I was completely up and down all the time with crises.

My first husband died a year after our marriage, which was a huge crisis, and I went into holistic health after that because healing was the only thing that helped Henry, and I found that my income just took this huge plummet.  And it wasn’t that I wasn’t qualified or anything, I just started realizing that there was something going on in my belief system, so that’s when I started studying Judaic mysticism.

So that’s where I sort of came from, so I have to inspire myself constantly because I think there’s a huge difference between motivation and inspiration; and I notice Barbara Winter, who is one of my favorite people on your website, was talking about that too.  When you motivate yourself, you’re kind of pushing yourself, whereas inspiration is receiving.  And hopefully the people that I do inspire are those who have been raised with an underlying belief that it’s somehow wrong to be spiritual and wealthy.  Practically all my private clients are life coaches, because they haven’t actually been taught that slight difference between the poverty of the soul, the aspects of the ego that need money, and I find it so fascinating.

We’ve been taught, for example, that Jesus and his followers are good people, are poor; but it isn’t actually true.  So I inspire mostly people in holistic health and in aspects of spirituality, and I have a lot of people who come to me who have been really damaged by religion.  Primarily, my job is with the 3 religions of the book; Islam, Judaism, Christianity.

Toni: When you talk about poverty of the soul, you mentioned that … what does that mean?

Maggy: Well, all poverty first extends to your soul because we’re naturally creative, you know, we’re children of a creator; we want to call it the Source or the God or whatever.  And it’s when we move that vision of life and hope and joy that we first experience the aspect of lack.  And quite often that’s trained into us in a religion where there’s some kind of judgmental God or some kind of reason why we can’t live the life we want because we have to live the life of taking care of others before ourselves, and I think it’s very, very important to understand that poverty does originate in the soul.

And then the ego, which is the part of this, which responds to the tribal influence in all our training.  You know, the Jesuits had a saying “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.”  It’s trained in through a Reticular Activating System.   And then, the ego starts behaving in a way that’s going to get the kind of strokes that you want, people telling you you’re a good person.  And quite often I find that most of my clients are so good; they’re the kind of people who’d give you a lift to the other end of the country, but they wouldn’t remember that they needed to eat first and fuel the car first and check the controls for the petrol.

It’s actually about … what I teach is very simply three things – inspiration, celebration, everybody else.  Because if you take that line of inspiration, taking care of yourself, and then nurturing others, you’re a much more powerful giver.

Toni: So the three approaches were inspiration, and …

Maggy: Celebration, and everybody else.  It’s actually the Old Testament tithing system which has been really badly interpreted.   It’s about lining up for inspiration so you’re full, then celebrating your life and having fun and taking care of yourself and just really chilling out and enjoying life, and then everything else.  We do it with money, as in whenever you get some money in of any kind, put a little on the side for inspiration; that’s a good book or a workshop or something, or just something that really makes you feel terrific.

Then for celebration, for some chocolate or some wine or to go out for the evening with your loved one.  Then pay the bills, because that tells the Law of Attraction your priorities.  And it need only be one dollar for the inspiration, one dollar for the celebration, and then maybe you had to pay 500 bucks for the bills.  But if you do it in that order, your life starts to turn around.

Toni: That’s very interesting … and this is the technique that you use when you are inspiring others who come to you with that poverty of the soul?

Maggy: Pretty much.  That’s the one we always give away for free.  It’s on my website and whenever I talk to people I say “Just try it, just try it.”  It got me out of 50,000 pounds worth of debt.  It got me through a really difficult divorce and a failed emigration, and I just feel it works.  If it works, let’s tell everybody that it works, because the good thing about prosperity consciousness and inspiration is that I’m always giving you ideas for nothing, I give it away for free; it’s not a problem.

Toni: Maggy, when you are seeking inspiration, you had talked very early in the interview about you need to teach what you learn, so you need to stay inspired, you need to be inspired.  So what do you seek when you are looking for inspiration?

Maggy: Firstly, meditation.  Always meditation, the things that are most soothing.  But the most important thing I actually do is I go on dates with God.  A date with God is when you actually … I put a whole day on one side, but people might just take an hour or two and you should wake up and say “Okay, my life is in your hands today.  We’re going on a date.  You say where, you take me to wherever you want me to go.  You show me were you want me to go, and we’ll do what you want me to do; and really open up.”

I got to these incredible places, because I will just get on the bus into town or the tube train, the subway, or maybe drive to somewhere that I like to start off with and then I’ll look for a poster or something and honestly, spirit just takes me where it wants to show me stuff.  And then what you do is you look at the world through the eyes of Source, not through your own eyes, and the difference, Toni …

I will give you an example.  When I lived in London, I just got on the subway to go into the center of town and said, “Okay, date with God time.  Show me.”  And I got shown this poster for the Victorian Albert Museum which I’d never ever been to.  So I went to the Victorian Albert Museum, and I stood in its gallery which was just full of blue and white plates, that was it.   And normally, I’d have walked straight through that.  And I said “Show me” … and I spent 2 hours on a third of that gallery just looking at these plates, these blue and white plates, and I was just getting the idea of the love that Source had for this creative, impulsive human being.

The Source didn’t make the plates, a human did, and it was just … look at grain, think about the person who made this, think about the idea behind it, the inspiration that they had, the actual colors and all the people who were involved in the journey that this plate had.  It may sound really trite, but it’s mind-blowing the beautiful experience, because the Source says “Yes” to everything.  It seems that we are so utterly inspirational.  We invented justice and truth and mercy, and we invented boredom; and we invented chocolate.  If you look at it that way, really, it just fires me up!

Toni: I can hear that!  Your passion is very contagious, very contagious.  So what inspires you is your dates with God which — thank you very much for that example as well, that was lovely — and meditation, and when are looking to explore your own potential are there tools that you look for, a methodology that you need to teach yourself in order to explore your own potential, to stay inspired as well?  What do you do for that?

Maggy: Well, I write, because I am naturally a writer.  If I were shipwrecked on a desert island, I’d be scrolling on the rocks or reinventing paper or something, so I will write every single day something because if I show up at the computer and start to write, then the muse shows up and ideas flow.  I write factual and fiction.  I’ve written four novels now on an inspirational theme.  I love the Abraham Hicks works.  I love Eckhart Tolle; I love the work of the Jewish mystic Z’Ev Ben Shimon Halevi; I love the work of the British alchemist and Kabbalist and angel teacher David Goddard.  I’m always looking for new things to take me along, and I’m really happy I’ve got some wonderful, wonderful inspirational friends.  I have a wonderful husband who is absolutely my rock, and you know, the oddest thing might be I get a lot of inspiration from Facebook.

Toni: From Facebook?

Maggy: From Facebook!  I’m on Facebook, and I’ve got lots of friends on Facebook and they post every day.  They post videos, they post ideas, they post quotations; and if you’ve got yourself a network like that every morning, new stuff comes; it’s just delightful.

Toni: Well that’s fantastic, I think Facebook would really like that plug, too!

Maggy: I think you should be on Facebook, and even if you are Toni, the whole inspirational thing should be on Facebook.  I’d post about you already!

Toni: Well thank you for that.  We are, we’re getting better.  Well my goodness, so you’re writing and you’re looking for … The books that you seek and the work that you read, that’s how you continue to explore your potential.  And then how does the work that you look for to learn from, how does that transfer then to what you give back to your clients as far as helping them explore their own potential?  Is there a correlation there for you?

Maggy: Absolutely.  I usually find out what I need to know for an individual client within 24 hours before the client comes; all the basics.  And I do a lot of talk and seminars and workshops.  I’m very lucky; I can teach all over the world now.  So I will always pass on whatever I’ve got, and I’ve also got a lot of people who have trained with me who work with people on the basics and backups for therapy support groups.

The basic things, I say “Let’s look at whatever the underlying belief might be about whether it’s okay for you to be spiritual and wealthy; what do you think about money?”  Because there’s a huge correlation between exactly what is God, what is the Source, so eventually you go, “It’s energy” and then you go “What is money?” and eventually they’ll say “It’s energy”, and we’ll say “Okay is the relationship with your fear of a judgmental God or the idea around you’ve been trained, is that the same as your feelings about money?”.   And 9 times out of 10 they’ll go “Oh my God, it is!”

So I’ll just introduce them to the money, the beautiful pattern from the money; and so this is a representation of your energy field, and if you start hating it because you are resentful of the people who perhaps are doing better than you, look at the energy by Law of Attraction that’s working there.  Let’s make friends with this energy thing and understand it’s purely a linear exchange and we use it, we actually use it as a barrier to put up resistance to our own good.  It’s a huge problem worldwide, and I think prosperity teaching is incredibly, incredibly important.

You know, once I did meet Louise Hay, the author of Heal Your Life, and she said “What do you do?”, and I said “Oh, I teach prosperity consciousness”, and she did one of those sharp intakes of breath, you know – ssssss – and I went, “Oh, why are you saying that?” and she said “Oh, well you know, I’d rather teach a week on sex and relationships than a day on money because people have so much stuff!”.  I had so much stuff, but you know, I live a wonderful life now.  So I just know it’s possible to be spiritually wealthy, and I just want the world to be able to experience that, too.

Toni: So basically, you are taking from your own experiences and your own learning and spirituality and everything that you’ve been through and that is what you are in turn transferring into others to keep them spiritually wealthy and to move them from the poverty of their soul; that’s what I’m  hearing from you.

Maggy: I hope so.  That is the absolute goal because if I can’t do it, I can’t teach it.  I know I’m still learning, and I’m still learning, but let’s face it, nobody would ever go up to anybody and say “Please tell me the secret of your failure.”  My cousin said to me the other week, “You know, I envy you; it seems like you can do whatever you want.”  And I said, “You know, he’s right, I can.”  I’m absolutely free, and it’s such a lovely thing to experience, helping people just to see that they lock in to these ideas about money and actually we do make money a God as in “I can’t live my life because I can’t afford it.”

In fact, I think all the Law of Attraction teachings which are so, so helpful nowadays are talking about the idea that it’s the road that you have to make peace with, not the destination.  If you’re happy on the road, the destination being happy is a done deal.  But you can’t get to joy on a road filled with misery or lack.

Toni: You have been so enlightening in this interview, and again your enthusiasm and your passion has come through greatly.  This is one of those interviews that I hope that people will listen to as well as read, because you have been so contagious, and the learning and insight that you have given people that will listen and read your interview will be amazing; and for that I thank you so much for taking part in this project, truly, thank you.

Maggy: Oh Toni, thank you, thank you so much.

Toni: This has been such a joy and thank you again, Maggy, for your time today.


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